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This year has brought us some of our greatest design challenges: How do you fit a summerhouse, productive kitchen garden, shed & compost area, lawn, dining terrace and masses of planting into a narrow, pointed garden (a bit like a very thin slice of cake), and make it look GREAT? - We did it!  So, if you have a small garden that's itching for a bit of STYLE - call us.  


If you don't already know, we're providing consultancy to one of the classiest nurseries in the Thames Valley

Watch this space!!!     (By the way we're also on LinkedIn - with several more client recommendations - so that's good!)

"Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing transformation of the garden.  It has turned from a mudbath ( thanks to the dogs ) to somewhere that I am now very proud of. The display of flowers is like a firework soon as one colour theme ends, another one is starting so we have flowers right through the season. Thanks for the advice on the ' dog friendly ' garden - I'm pleased to report no flower casualties to date! "