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If the hard landscaping in a garden provides the bone structure, then it's the plants that put flesh on the bones and can transform the smallest space into a lush oasis.  Colour, scent, form and texture all have a part to play in a well designed border, and planting styles can vary immensely, but whether you want formal or informal, traditional, modern or eclectic, we design inspirational borders that will take your breath away!

1. Plant Portfolio
Using our horticultural expertise and experience in planting beautifully themed borders which give year-round interest, we can draw up a Plant Portfolio for you, listing a broad range of plants suitable for the soil, the style and the aspect of your garden.  We'll suggest trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs that will continue the theme of your garden from one year to the next and when you're ready to plant, just let us know and we can source the chosen plants for you in the size and quantities you require. 

2. Planting Plans
Taking the Plant Portfolio a step further, Alchemille can design a detailed Planting Plan specifically for your garden which will show the size, number and exact location for each plant listed in the Portfolio.  If you're new to gardening but want to look after the garden yourself, you'll find the Planting Plan a really useful tool as it can help you identify the plants so that you can then check when they need to be pruned or cut back or just general care.  

3. Planting
Sourcing only the highest quality plants from our established supplier network of specialist nurseries, Alchemille can dress your garden for every season to give you interest in the borders all year long.

Before the plants arrive, we take great care to ensure that the borders are properly prepared.  By adding any necessary organic soil conditioners well in advance of the planting, we can give your new plants the best possible start.

When the plants arrive, we set them out according to the Planting Plan and make any last minute adjustments to the placement to maximise the impact of the planting.  When we leave the garden, we want to make sure that it's looking absolutely brilliant and that it will thrive!  Of course we'll also want YOU to show it off straight away.  



"Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing transformation of the garden.  It has turned from a mudbath ( thanks to the dogs ) to somewhere that I am now very proud of. The display of flowers is like a firework soon as one colour theme ends, another one is starting so we have flowers right through the season. Thanks for the advice on the ' dog friendly ' garden - I'm pleased to report no flower casualties to date! "