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1. Initial Consultation
It sounds pretty formal but it's really just a meeting so that we can walk around your garden with you, find out what you want to achieve, get to know your likes and dislikes and show you a little of our portfolio to illustrate how we've transformed other gardens.  We'll talk through how you wish to use your garden, what you want to see in it and how we can make the most of the space for you within your budget.  There's no charge for this Initial Consultation, which will probably take about 2 hours, but we'll gather enough information in that time, making notes and sketches as we go around, to be able to prepare your `wish list’ with you, and to confirm our fees to draw up a Garden Design for you. 

2. Site Survey

If you decide to commission a design, we'll do a full Site Survey taking detailed measurements of the garden and levels, soil samples and photos both of the garden and the surrounding landscape.  If the site is very large or quite complex, we'll appoint a professional surveyor to do this for us.  

3. Concept Design
All the information gathered in our meeting with you, (the Initial Consultation) and the Site Survey will help us to produce an accurate, to-scale Concept Design for your `new’ garden showing the proposed layout.  We always remember that it's YOUR garden so we keep in touch with you throughout this process so that we know we're singing from the same song-sheet!  As well as including all the landscaping features you wish to have in your new garden, the design will include suggestions for hard landscaping materials and planting styles for the borders.  As soon as the first draft of the design is complete, we'll meet with you so that we can chew over what needs to be changed.  We don't always get it right first time, but we generally come close!


4. Master Design
Once we have your approval for the design, it will be inked and printed and presented to you as the Master Design.  This final drawing is the document that we'll use to build your garden, so it’s really important that we get it absolutely right for you.

Although the Master Design will have very detailed notes, it will be presented to you with a `Design Specification' which will give the landscapers any additional details they need, including construction sketches if necessary, in order to build the garden exactly as it was designed to look.

"We both want to thank you so much for transforming the garden. We are absolutely delighted with the results. We have felt totally relaxed and confident that you would achieve everything you planned - and you did. What a deadline for you - three weeks in May. Heavy rain, borders to make, turf to lay, trees to plant, stumps to grind, plants to plant - all in time for the family party. I dont suppose you will forget leaving the house at 12.25 for the 12.30 deadline - brilliant.

We enjoyed very much having you with us together with your crew. Nigel was amazing as was Steve - so a big thank you to them. It was also good to know that you had a good relationship with the tree specialists, and their work was exemplary.

All in all Jane, a fantastic job. Thank you.

PS : Dont forget you are coming round to sort us out with Autumn pruning "

M & SO