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Cottage Gardens

8_Cottage_GardensConsisting only of a short patio along the rear of the house and two straight, narrow borders at either side of a tired lawn, the garden of this terraced cottage was crying out for a makeover.   A limited budget meant that any additional hard landscaping was out of the question, but the client was open to any soft landscaping that would make the garden more inviting. 

Our first task was to add some shape to the garden.  The side borders were broadened using bold sweeping curves which narrowed the lawn at one point to just a paths width over which a rustic arch was built.  Although this instantly separated the garden into two very distinct areas linked by a grass path, the sound of water pouring from the mouth of a stone fish into a pebble pool - enticed the visitor to venture through the arch to seek out the hidden water feature.

Some of the mature plants which had grown over the boundary fences were pruned back hard to encourage lower growth and flowering, whilst others were moved further into the new part of the borders where they had more room to spread.  Drifts of long-flowering perennials and a few small evergreen shrubs were then planted to fill the remaining space in the borders with all-year-round colour, texture and interest.  Sweetly scented evergreen honeysuckle was planted at either side of the arch and, as a final touch to brighten up the paved terrace by the house, a collection of aged terracotta pots were filled with repeat-flowering roses, geraniums, lavender and herbs.

A simple and cost-effective makeover transformed the garden from a desolate patch of grass to a pretty cottage garden retreat. 


The Walled Cottage Garden

Bringing colour to the garden can be achieved easily with an interesting mix of landscape materials and plants, but introducing more light to a walled garden is not so easy.  The problem was solved in this cottage garden with the introduction of a raised lily pool fed by a trickling antique `village pump'.  Carefully placed to catch maximum daylight, the pool reflects the sky and bringst the sun into the garden space.  With the retaining wall of the pool being low and wide enough to sit on, the temptation to dip your toes in the water on a hot summers day is just too great!  Lush planting to both sides of the pool accented by clipped box topiary adds textural interest in sharp contrast to the gentle ripples on the surface of the pool.